Outside our boundaries?

REady to Join?

Membership into our chapter is available to moms who live within the following elementary school districts:

Bells Mills
Beverly Farms
Carderock Springs
Cold Spring
Seven Locks

Our Bounadaries

Please feel free to attend one of our monthly social meetings and/or another one of our public events to learn more about us.  You may attend up to two public chapter events before deciding to join. Please contact us via email at membership@momspotomac.org to find out details of our next social meeting and/or public events. 

Interested in Joining?

MOMS Club® of Potomac, MD

First, please verify that you live within our chapter boundaries. Then, please send us an email to membership@momspotomac.org

If you have not already attended one of our public events, we ask that you attend one of our public events to pick up your application in person.  We ask this for the safety and privacy of our current members and children,.

Our membership fee is $35 per year, the majority of which ends up being donated to charitable organizations.

Moms Offering Moms Support

If you do not live within our boundaries, please see www.momsclub.org to find your local chapter and/or contact MOMS Club®.  In some circumstances, membership into a chapter out of your area may be approved by the area coordinator.